Audrey & Rica – Le Trayas

The red rocks

This intimate wedding took place on the red stones of the famous Trayas, on the French Riviera. Throughout this shoot you could hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and the smell of the rising ocean mist. Audrey and Riccardo were celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

The event created such a glamorous spectacle that spectators were drawn in by the dozens. At the end of the shoot, Audrey and Riccardo asked us to be with them every year to celebrate their wedding anniversary and share their fondest memories. The couple also offered to create backdrops to commemorate their anniversaries. This year, they were celebrating their cotton anniversary. Next year, it will be their leather wedding anniversary. We take up the challenge!

Photos/video : Studio Balzac

Dress: Geraldine Blue

Capes: The Mericaine

Wedding Planner: KS for your events